Mission Control … er, I mean Movie Control

Image saying cancelledYou know, it’s sad the things that control what happens in Hollywood. I’ve seen a lot of movies, what can I say, I’m old. And, I’ve seen some great starts to what should have been, and what everyone thought would have been, a great trilogy or franchise. Even sometimes a reboot of an old movie, subject or idea can be done right and you think “Wow! This is going to be a great series of films!!!”. They can be rebooted wrong too, I know, but for now I am thinking of the good ones. So we have a film that is great, and we expect more of the same. But let me tell you, you might be surprised at some of the things that can stop a film from being made. Even if the movie itself did well at the box office, depending on what it was about, it may have a lot of potential to sell merchandise like toys and stuff. If the merch didn’t do well, that alone might be enough to can a film if they didn’t think the sequels were going to sell the junk any better. Sometimes it’s as simple as finding out another studio has a similar project in the works and now the movie company producing whatever film it was thinks theirs will look like a knockoff of the other movie, because the other movie will come out sooner.

I’ve read about Hollyweird buying up scripts not with the intention of ever actually making the movie! No, they just don’t want anyone else to make the movie! So they buy the script, sometimes for millions of dollars, and just sit on it!!! Sometimes it’s casting problems that can stop a movie, or bad management from the beginning so the planning for it never really pans out. It’s crazy how many movies have died horrible deaths for stupid reasons.