Star Wars: The Old Republic – Dark and Light Pimp Daddy’s

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I play Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I just had to share this screenshot with all none of you that visit my site. This is one of my main characters, a Jedi (on the left) and at this point in time he is running around with his companion that is a Sith Lord named Lord Scourge (on the right). The funny part of this thing is the eyewear that both toons have on. First of all the match, they are the same thing, which happened totally by accident. But also, the eyewear makes them look totally like futuristic Pimp Daddy’s!!!

Darl and Light Pimp Daddy's Picture

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Favorite Pastime

So, I thought I’d post a screenshot of how one of my Sith characters I play in Star Wars: The Old Republic enjoys his days and/or nights when he gets let out to play. Yep, that’s right, he’s Force Choking a Jedi General during a fight in which he commences to whup up on that general pretty good. My Sith, Darth Zenril is his name by the way, won the fight hands down … or out in this case! 😉

Image of Sith Force Choking a Jedi

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I Fell On A Black Day

Life’s had me busy and tied up with lots of things, so for all you people that don’t read this blog anyway, yes I’m finally posting something.

You see, I don’t watch the news on TV and I don’t read the paper. I don’t follow news and current events on the Internet though I could, and I used to. Heck at one point I called myself a news junkie, but I used to get so mad or upset or whatever over all of the nothing but bad news all the time, I just quit keeping up with news. I had to for my own sanity and health to be honest. However, that means that sometimes I am late to the party for some things. And this one is a big one.

Chris Cornell … yep, that Chris Cornell, the singer and creative juggernaut behind great bands like Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog  Continue reading “I Fell On A Black Day”

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Mission Control … er, I mean Movie Control

Image saying cancelledYou know, it’s sad the things that control what happens in Hollywood. I’ve seen a lot of movies, what can I say, I’m old. And, I’ve seen some great starts to what should have been, and what everyone thought would have been, a great trilogy or franchise. Even sometimes a reboot of an old movie, subject or idea can be done right and you think “Wow! This is going to be a great series of films!!!”. They can be rebooted wrong too, I know, but for now I am thinking of the good ones. So we have a film that is great, and we expect more of the same. But let me tell you, you might be surprised at some of the things that can stop a film from being made. Even if the movie itself did well at the box office, depending on what it was about, it may have a lot of potential to sell merchandise like toys and stuff. If the merch didn’t do well, that alone might be enough to can a film if they didn’t think the sequels were going to sell the junk any better. Sometimes it’s as simple as finding out another studio has a similar project in the works and now the movie company producing whatever film it was thinks theirs will look like a knockoff of the other movie, because the other movie will come out sooner.

I’ve read about Hollyweird buying up scripts not with the intention of ever actually making the movie! No, they just don’t want anyone else to make the movie! So they buy the script, sometimes for millions of dollars, and just sit on it!!! Sometimes it’s casting problems that can stop a movie, or bad management from the beginning so the planning for it never really pans out. It’s crazy how many movies have died horrible deaths for stupid reasons.

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Star Wars Laser Fence

Picture Star Wars LogoI am a Star Wars fan, as are many folk in the world. Plus, I even liked the prequel movies to some extent, no pure hatred there like so many people had. However, there is one thing I have wondered about, ever since I saw The Phantom Menace, because it was a pivotal part of the story. This pivotal part being the fight between Qui-gon, Obi-wan and Darth Maul. I want to know, what the heck are the pinkish/slightly red laser fences we’ll call them for lack of a better term that seem to arbitrarily (or not so arbitrarily maybe?) close and then open separating the fighters from each other? I ask because it was these “fences” that they had to travel through (and why did they have to travel through them?) that quite literally seems to have made the difference in the outcome of the fight because it split up Qui-gon and Obi-wan thus allowing Darth Maul to fight them one on one. Now, one on one, Darth Maul got the better of Qui-gon, however, it was then that Obi-wan took revenge, struck down Darth Maul, and ultimately walked away from the fight. If those stupid “laser fences” or “shields” or “doors” or whatever you want to call them hadn’t been there to separate the good guys from each other, the fight would have stayed two on one and Qui-gon might have lived through the fight. So, what the heck are those things??? If anyone knows, please comment and let me know! Thanks.

Picture Of Qui-gon Jin

(Click the image to watch the scene!)

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Post Topic Deficit Disorder

Picture of a pac man brainThis has been harder than I thought! Not that I haven’t had time to post, but every time I think about something I want to put up here, something else comes along and then I want to post THAT. I have had a hard time focusing on one dang thing and getting it out the door. So, that being said, I wanted to post this just as a site update and to let you know that I have some other stuff coming soon!

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