Star Wars: The Old Republic – Dark and Light Pimp Daddy’s

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I play Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I just had to share this screenshot with all none of you that visit my site. This is one of my main characters, a Jedi (on the left) and at this point in time he is running around with his companion that is a Sith Lord named Lord Scourge (on the right). The funny part of this thing is the eyewear that both toons have on. First of all the match, they are the same thing, which happened totally by accident. But also, the eyewear makes them look totally like futuristic Pimp Daddy’s!!!

Darl and Light Pimp Daddy's Picture

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Favorite Pastime

So, I thought I’d post a screenshot of how one of my Sith characters I play in Star Wars: The Old Republic enjoys his days and/or nights when he gets let out to play. Yep, that’s right, he’s Force Choking a Jedi General during a fight in which he commences to whup up on that general pretty good. My Sith, Darth Zenril is his name by the way, won the fight hands down … or out in this case! 😉

Image of Sith Force Choking a Jedi