Firefighting Diversity

So, this is hilarious, the political and social justice nutjobs are now complaining that there isn’t enough ‘diversity’ in the firefighting workforce, you know, because the requirement of physical strength excludes women and minorities and you should really focus on compassion instead. What the hell are these people taking that makes them so moronic? Here, check out this video with a wonderful breakdown of the article. It’s worth the eight minutes of your time!

Posts, Content and New Stuff …

Yep, it’s been a good while since I posted anything. Not that anyone actually reads this blog (yeah, I know, fresh content might help!). I might have had one or two of ya trapped at one point, but I think you got away. Anyway, it wasn’t for a lack of wanting to post, I kept having ideas and perspirations … uh, I mean inspirations, and I’d want to post something relating to that, but I didn’t want to post something that came out looking cheap. I do take pride in my work, and it seemed like I never got my timing worked out to get stuff put together properly and get it posted before life had moved along to whatever came next. On top of that, there have been subjects I had stayed away from like Politics, Current News and Events, and stuff like that. Even though I am interested in those topics as well, I felt like it might be a hassle or someone might get offended or whatever. But you know what? It’s my blog, my server space, etc., and I am an equal opportunity offender. So, from now on, I am going to post about anything I feel like. My focus is still probably going to be music and technology because those are two of my passions, but I figure if I find something else I want to share or talk about, I might just post something about it anyway. You never know what someone might like! LoL I am also going to start a new section called “If I Were Dictator” where I talk about how I would rule the country if I were in charge, and maybe even compare it to the way it’s being done now. And yes I said Dictator, because if I’m in charge I’m in freakin’ charge! Come back and see me now, ya’hear!

Car Subscriptions? What Are We Talking About?

Happy Car LogoIs this what the world is coming to these days? I mean, this seems so ridiculous to me, it’s worse than a car lease! You pay anywhere from $600 to $3,000 or more per month for a car and after your 24 month contract is up, you don’t own anything! Plus, unlike a car lease, there will be no option to buy the car when the contract ends, even if you wanted to! This new scam … I mean, scheme is called a car “subscription plan” modeled after the way cell phone companies handle their cell phone plans and customers (Yep, you read that right). It appears that Volvo, Porsche, Cadillac, Audi, Ford and more companies are trying to get in on the act. One big difference that I should note here is that, unlike a lease, this new “subscription” plan covers your insurance and maintenance as well. This seems like you have no control over just about anything, and heaven forbid if you scratch it or go over your miles per month limit! It all sounds good, but really, isn’t this kind of like throwing your money away when you can buy a car or truck and actually own the damn thing when you are done?? Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.

If you don’t believe me or if you want to learn more, check out the link to the original article.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Maximum Character Slots Per Server

Yep, this is another SWToR post/rant, only this time it’s about a problem I am having or ran into after the latest patch, the United Forces (hardware consolidation) update. I mention the hardware consolidation part because that’s really where this problem started. You see, SWToR was originally spread out over many servers, each one a duplicate of the others. You had X number of character slots on a server, and then you could go to a different server and make more. This meant that you could really have lots of toons, they were just spread out over however many servers you played on.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Dark and Light Pimp Daddy’s

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I play Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I just had to share this screenshot with all none of you that visit my site. This is one of my main characters, a Jedi (on the left) and at this point in time he is running around with his companion that is a Sith Lord named Lord Scourge (on the right). The funny part of this thing is the eyewear that both toons have on. First of all the match, they are the same thing, which happened totally by accident. But also, the eyewear makes them look totally like futuristic Pimp Daddy’s!!!

Darl and Light Pimp Daddy's Picture

I Fell On A Black Day

Life’s had me busy and tied up with lots of things, so for all you people that don’t read this blog anyway, yes I’m finally posting something.

You see, I don’t watch the news on TV and I don’t read the paper. I don’t follow news and current events on the Internet though I could, and I used to. Heck at one point I called myself a news junkie, but I used to get so mad or upset or whatever over all of the nothing but bad news all the time, I just quit keeping up with news. I had to for my own sanity and health to be honest. However, that means that sometimes I am late to the party for some things. And this one is a big one.

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