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Yep, it’s been a good while since I posted anything. Not that anyone actually reads this blog (yeah, I know, fresh content might help!). I might have had one or two of ya trapped at one point, but I think you got away. Anyway, it wasn’t for a lack of wanting to post, I kept having ideas and perspirations … uh, I mean inspirations, and I’d want to post something relating to that, but I didn’t want to post something that came out looking cheap. I do take pride in my work, and it seemed like I never got my timing worked out to get stuff put together properly and get it posted before life had moved along to whatever came next. On top of that, there have been subjects I had stayed away from like Politics, Current News and Events, and stuff like that. Even though I am interested in those topics as well, I felt like it might be a hassle or someone might get offended or whatever. But you know what? It’s my blog, my server space, etc., and I am an equal opportunity offender. So, from now on, I am going to post about anything I feel like. My focus is still probably going to be music and technology because those are two of my passions, but I figure if I find something else I want to share or talk about, I might just post something about it anyway. You never know what someone might like! LoL I am also going to start a new section called “If I Were Dictator” where I talk about how I would rule the country if I were in charge, and maybe even compare it to the way it’s being done now. And yes I said Dictator, because if I’m in charge I’m in freakin’ charge! Come back and see me now, ya’hear!

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