Star Wars: The Old Republic – Maximum Character Slots Per Server

Yep, this is another SWToR post/rant, only this time it’s about a problem I am having or ran into after the latest patch, the United Forces (hardware consolidation) update. I mention the hardware consolidation part because that’s really where this problem started. You see, SWToR was originally spread out over many servers, each one a duplicate of the others. You had X number of character slots on a server, and then you could go to a different server and make more. This meant that you could really have lots of toons, they were just spread out over however many servers you played on.

Well, when the United Forces (consolidation) update came in, they took all of the servers on the East Coast that I played on (cause I’m on the East Coast baby!) and consolidated them to just one server or realm maybe is the best term. This was a good thing in one sense, because all of the underlying hardware was upgraded, and the game is much faster and smoother now because of that. Anyway, this meant that all my toons got put in one place, the same place! This also meant that my character count went way over the default maximum – and even adding in the character slot unlocks that I bought before the consolidation, I had more characters than I had slots for. I didn’t lose any characters, thank goodness, but this also meant that I couldn’t make any new ones either! For example, the default maximum for character slots is now 24 per server, and I had purchased 14 character slot unlocks previously (I think, at least 14, might have been more). So, I should be able to have at least 38 toons, right? Right. Well, after they consolidated everything, I had 68 characters!!! Yeah, that’s what I said. Now, they did say in the patch notes and on the developers blog that the new overall max limit on servers using character slot unlocks was going to be bumped up to 100 per server, up from 52 on the old servers. Well, I deleted a bunch of characters, which I hated doing, but I took a deep breath and deleted about 14 toons that I wasn’t really playing or hadn’t played in a while or that was an experiment that didn’t work out that I never deleted originally, etc. But that left me still with 54 toons, and an estimated 36 slots!

In order to accommodate all those characters I had left, I pulled out my cartel coin wallet and bought more character slot unlocks. I first unlocked a batch of 10 character slots, which took my theoretical limit to 48, now we were getting close to my character count of 54. I started unlocking some more, and a funny thing happened. I unlocked four more and everything was fine, I had 52 character slots open. But then I tried to unlock that fifth slot and I got an error message that said this:


What? What the heck??!? That doesn’t make sense. So, I thought maybe there was some kind of strange per character slot unlock limit, who knows with these devs. Therefore, I logged on a different character and tried to unlock a slot and I got the same message. I tried with a third character and again got the same message. It looks like I am stuck at 52 total slots unlocked … but wait?!, that’s the per server limit of the old servers before the United Forces (consolidation) upgrade/update!! It appears that the developers didn’t get the new per server character slot limit set right! It appears to still be set to the old limit! How about that??? I thought I would post this, just in case anyone else finds themselves with this same problem, maybe they can find this post and know that they are not alone. Plus, I am going to contact support and see if I can make some progress towards getting this fixed. I will keep everyone/anyone interested in this posted. Thanks for checking in … !!

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