I Fell On A Black Day

Life’s had me busy and tied up with lots of things, so for all you people that don’t read this blog anyway, yes I’m finally posting something.

You see, I don’t watch the news on TV and I don’t read the paper. I don’t follow news and current events on the Internet though I could, and I used to. Heck at one point I called myself a news junkie, but I used to get so mad or upset or whatever over all of the nothing but bad news all the time, I just quit keeping up with news. I had to for my own sanity and health to be honest. However, that means that sometimes I am late to the party for some things. And this one is a big one.

Chris Cornell … yep, that Chris Cornell, the singer and creative juggernaut behind great bands like Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the DogĀ to name the major players, has passed away. A little over a month ago, on 05.18.2017, he was found dead in his hotel room’s bathroom at the MGM Grand by his bodyguard. This after playing a Soundgarden show just the night before at the FOX Theatre in Detroit, MI. He was found with an exercise band around his neck, and though Paramedics tried CPR and all their other tricks, it was at 1:30 AM that he was pronounced dead. So far, authorities are ruling this a suicide which makes this whole situation that much worse.

Chris Cornell was a hero of mine. As a musician and singer myself, I was in awe of his talent and abilities, and yes I was a big fan of his music both with his various bands and his solo work. I have been a huge fan of his music for decades now. And I say that his death by suicide makes it worse because it’s hard enough when someone we treasure gets taken from us. Especially if they get taken early and not after living a long and happy life. For example, I am also a huge Dimebag Darrell fan, and when he was killed on stage by a psycho fan it was terrible. But it seems to me that when one of these same people that we treasure leaves us by taking their own life, it hurts that much more. At least it does to me.

I know that Chris battled depression, and that’s something that I have to deal with too. So I feel like I know what he must have been going through sometimes and I just hate it that he couldn’t pull out of that nose dive and call someone for help. Or that his bodyguard didn’t check on him just a few minutes earlier maybe. Who knows, 10 minutes might have made the difference between life and death for Chris. We’ll never know. And yes, I know, I have rambled on forever here, but I don’t care, it’s my site and I can do whatever the hell I want with it. It’s not like anyone comes here and reads anything I write anyway.

The only thing I can say to end this is Goodbye Chris, I am so sorry that you were hurting so bad that taking your life is what seemed like the only way out. I’ve been there, on that edge, and I know what it feels like. I hope you are at peace now my brother! I love you man!

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